Everyone loves rewards.

Everyone loves rewards, so we’ve partnered with Perkville so you can earn rewards just by getting’ pretty! Perkville allows you to automatically earn reward points in a number of different (and easy) ways, including: referring friends, writing reviews, and purchasing product! 

An Account. 

Receive an invitation to join Perkville or create a Perkville account and register. Be sure to use the same email address we have on file for you at LaMae Salon & Spa.


Earn points at LaMae Salon & Spa by joining LaMae Rewards, attending events, referring friends or sharing your love for all things LaMae on Yelp, Google+ & Facebook.

Redeem Rewards.

Set your eye on the prize and go for it! Once you have accrued enough points for your reward login to Perkville and redeem your gift! 

Earn Points

Refer a friend: +500pts
Positive Yelp.com Review: +150pts
Positive Google+ Review: +150pts
Positive Facebook Review: +150pts
Positive YellowPages.com Review: +150pts
Birthday: +150pts
Teeth Whitening Appointment: +50pts
Join rewards program: +50pts
Twitter follow: +50pts
Tanning Contract Sign Up: +50pts
Share a photo on Facebook with #LaMaeSalon: +20pts
Facebook Check In: +15pts
Tweet: +10pts
$1 Spent on Retail: +1pt per $1

Redeeming Points

Complimentary eyebrow wax upgrade to service: -950pts
10% OFF Retail or Boutique: -1500pts
Complimentary deep conditioning hair treatment upgrade to service: -2000pts
One Complimentary Spray Tan: -2500pts
20% OFF Retail: -2500pts
30% OFF entire retail purchase: -5000pts
Complimentary o2 Facial with Microdermabrasion: -5500pts

*Award points are automatically added to your account EXCEPT for any reviews you have written. Please let one of our staff at LaMae know if you’ve written an online review so we can manually credit your Perkville account. 

Everyone Loves Rewards!

Questions about our Rewards Program? Please contact us at 530-387-4101.